The Radio Hour
, It's More Than Music!
The Radio Hour is a series of portfolio based music history curricula for grades 5-12. These curricula study Classical, Jazz, Rock, Black Music in America(BMIA), and Classroom Guitar while integrating technology, music analysis, improvisation, movement, creative writing and presentation skills. Each 100+ page Student workbook will guide students through the study of musical styles, influential musicians, and an understanding of the relationship between music, history and culture.
Now with Interactive Play-a-Long Activities

Now you can click to learn Harmonica, Fife & Drum, and Guitar on The Radio Hour. How fun is that??????
     *You will need the plug-in player called Scorch from Sibelius

"It's just music!" That's what I used to hear from my eighth grade music classes. I knew that I had to create a curriculum that would engage students with a diverse level of musical interests and skills. I wanted to create something that would leave an impression on every student that passed through my door. I want students to walk up to me ten years from now and tell me that they still remember how to swing dance, or how to play happy birthday on the harmonica, or that they go out to the mall and buy CDs of Ella and Eminem. After developing this curriculum for ten years, I invite you to put it to the test. The Radio Hour - It's More Than Music!
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The Radio Hour - Online Test Student Hall of Fame
Baroque 81.9 LL Early Rock 65 CR Blues 64 AD Rock 55 AG
Classical 58.3 LL Motown 63 CR Gospel 63 AD Jazz 67 TR
Romantic 74.6 AM Soul 68 CR Jazz 1 77 DF Blues 63 AF
Contemporary 70.5 AM Bubble Gum 74 CR Jazz 2 73 AD Folk 61 AF
      Surf Rock 75 CR Motown 78 DF Country 71 SC
Folk Rock 78 CR Soul 82 DF Classical 68 SC
Early Jazz 87 TD British Inv 101 KF R&B 75 AD      
Swing 92 RW Psychedelic 89 TG Funk 72 AD      
Bebop 97 EK Heavy Metal 78 RH Disco 70 AD      
Post Bop 91 BJ Southern 87 AJ Rock 73 DF      
      Mainstream 79 DF      
      Hip Hop 70 AD      

Teachers who use The Radio Hour have this to say . . .

"The organization of the book made all the difference in the world!
Kickin' curriculum... flexible as all get out..."

Virgil Franklin

White River Valley,IN
"This curriculum has saved me a load of prep time in my busy schedule and
left me more time to teach. And that's why I'm here! Thanks."

Melissa Jones Brewster, NY

"After the first time I went I started plugging in your curriculum into my learning results for the middle school level and it was amazing that out of 22 results your program touched solidly on just about all of them 19 to be exact. Which is wonderful for one program since I have grade 5-8 to touch on all 22 areas."

Alysia Fenton-Stackpole Acton, Maine
"I really appreciate your visit to my class. Your harmonica lesson really made a connection with my students."

Patty Jimenez Danbury, CT
Things are going well in my classes. There's just so much information! Debra Burton Alton,
New Hampshire
Thanks so much,it's exciting having something to teach that I know the kids will really get into.

Janet Hampton Middletown, CT
My kids love using the harmonica and it gives me a chance to reinforce some theory.

Olga Fryz Trumbull, CT

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