Copyright Basics 101

Congratulations, the fact that you are here means you care about the intellectual property of others. The purpose of this page is to answer two important questions about Copyright. What do I need to know? and Where can I find it? Although this resource can only scratch the surface of understanding copyrights and wrongs, it will give you some solid links, books, and facts to help you in your classroom.
A better question is "What can I use in my classroom?"
The Copyright Act gives the owner of intellectual property the right to reproduce or allow others to reproduce their creations. Section 107 of the copyright act, know as the Fair Use Doctrine provides limitations to these rights by allowing teachers to use materials for education reasons. But even this has limitations. If you purposely try to abuse the Fair Use laws you can still be sued, as well as your district!

  A better question is, If have this great idea for a lesson, why can't I use these materials? Because somebody else thought of it first, plain and simple. That doesn't mean that you can't use it with proper permission. People can work for months or years to create materials and should be fairly compensated for their time and effort. Suppose after ten years of teaching you create a workbook of your best materials. You know your materials work and would be a benefit to other educators.How would you feel when you find out your work is being passed around on the internet for free?

Where Can I find it?

Find links about Copyright

Review a few books on Copyright

How do I get permission to use protected materials?

Are you curious about the history of the Copyright Act?

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