Books on Copyright
Title: The Teacher's Guide to Music, Media, and Copyright Law
Author: James Frankel
Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation
ISBN: 978-1423443445
This text is new, coming out in 2008. Written in clear, understandable descriptions, the teacher will understand their rights as a publisher and as a user. Dr. Frankel covers topics of Public Domain, Fair Use, Infringement, Licensing, and International Copyright Law. He also reviews case-like scenarios where he points out the errors that lead to infringement and how to modify the case to work within the guidlines of Fair Use. A must buy!
Title: Fair Use, Free Use, and Use by Permission: How to Handle Copyrights in All Media
Author: Lee Wilson
Publisher: Allworth Press
ISBN: 978-1581154320
This book is laid out as an introduction and application review to many issues associated with copyright lawsuits. Topics include simulated case scenarios of Fair Use in reporting, creative works, the internet, commerce, and in Education. I personally thought the text was very helpful because I could see how easy it is to cross the line between Fair Use and infringement. Good resource text.
Title: Internet Surf and Turf-Revealed: The Essential Guide to Copyright, Fair Use, and Finding Media
Author(s): Marsha L. Baum & Barbara M. Waxer
Publisher: Thomson Course Technolgy
ISBN: 978-1418860066
The visual images of this text make it an invaluable addition to your library. Its intuitive progress describes the development of copyright history and why the changes came about. Later chapters include guided tutorials on Searching the Internet and Finding and Acquiring Images and Media. Each chapters culminates with concepts and skills reviews.
Title: Copyright for Teachers and Librarians
Author: Rebecca P. Bulter
Publisher: Neal-Schuman Publishers
ISBN: 978-1555705008
This text is usable by not only teachers and librarians but students as well. It covers the gamit of copyright related subjects including Fair Use, Public Domain, and obtaining permissions. This text also goes into the laws related to music, images, and other materials found on the internet. Butler's ability to clarify legal issues makes it a valuable tool for teaching students right from wrong.