Permission & Licensing

Permissions for use of music
There are four types of music licenses and depending on your intended usage of the song you need to obtain the proper permission and licenses. They are a mechanical license, a performance license, a synchronozation license and a print license.
A Mechanical License allows you to make reproductions of a song in a fixed medium so that an exact number of sales can be monitored and proper royalties are passed on to the owner and or publisher. Mechanical License Rates
A Performance License allows the composer(s) to receive royalties for a public performance of their music
A Synchronazation License pays royalties to the composer/publisher when their music is integrated into a movie or other multimedia medium.
A Print License gives permission to reproduce copyrighted materials. Many times you can acquire this permission from the publisher. All music will have publisher information on the bottom of the page.
Licensing Images
Acquiring permssion to use images can be very difficult. Even if an image does not have an author it does not mean that it is free to use. The best practice is to contact the site where you found the desired image and ask them who owns the image.
Permission to use printed material must be started with the publisher. In many cases the publisher will represent the author and your permission quest may end here. Never assume that the publisher can grant you permission verbally, always get it in writing.
A good place to start searching for Materials is at
Records from 1978 forward are available for searching over the Internet at In addition, approximately 150,000 of copyright registrations from 1790 through 1870 are available on microfilm in the Copyright Office.