Harmonica - Unit Vocabulary

Term Definition
Air Chamber
The spaces in the comb
Bend To change the pitch by excessive draw
Block Covering holes of the harmonica with you tongue
Blow Exhale into the harmonica
Chromatic Harmonica with a plunger that plays chromatic pitches
Comb Center of the harmonica
Cover Plate
Decorative metal plate that protects the reeds
Diatonic Major scale pitched harmonica
Draw Inhale into a harmonica hole
Harmonic Improvisation that creates a new melody over an existing background
Improvisation To spontaneously compose
To improvise by embellishing an existing melody
Mundharmonika German ancestor of the modern harmonica
Notation A system of symbols to represent pitch and rhythm
Plunger A button to raise the pitch on the side of a chromatic harmonica
Pucker Playing the harmonica by pursing your lips
Reed Thin strip of wood, plastic or metal that vibrates in the harmonica
Reed Plate Plate inside the harmonica that holds the reeds
Short melodic idea played between phrases
Rip To quickly slide up or down the harmonica
Stop-Time The accompaniment stops at regular intervals for the soloist
Tablature A system of notation which uses numbers to represent pitch
Tone Hole Hole in front of harmonica to blow or draw
Vibrato To create a pulsing sound by opening and closing your hand