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What is Jazz? by Margaret

Jazz is music.
Jazz is a rhythm, a beat.
Jazz is the feel of a song.
Jazz is an amazing combination of solos and sections.
Jazz is trumpet, trombone, piano, bass, and drums.
Jazz is Armstrong, Ellington, Parker and Davis.
Jazz is Blues, Big Band Swing, and Bebop.
Jazz is truly American music.
Jazz is a canvas on which to represent a diverse culture.
Jazz is New Orleans, Chicago, and New York.
Jazz is the 21st century in both new and old music.
Jazz is a free spirit.
Jazz is timeless and limitless.

And dictionaries try to define this?

Jazz History Rap by Natalie
Yo gimme a break, you think you got the blues,
Stop it with the fusion, you confusion me, amusin’ me
You think you with the big band, you think you’re Dixieland
You think you’re Mr. Jazz, Mr. Pizzazz, y’all don’t even know how to scat
Ella Fitzgerald do, I know of her, I think she pretty phat
I see you tryin’ to sing now, that’s cool dawg, uno momento
You singin’ kinda slow man, let’s see ya keep the tempo
You really stink at walkin’, Y’all better stop talkin’
Stop tryin’ to hide and learn how to stride like my dawg Scott Joplin
You hear him once, you hear him loud, he make the club go hoppin’
I hear the rap from the boombox, you baby let’s go mambo
Hey lady make it louder, let’s hear it from the combo.
Yo let’s take it from the top, I hear the Bebop nonstop
Hip hop you make me wanna sing, it make me wanna swing.
I love improvisation, it is a real sensation
This music is atonal, This rap song’s got no head.
It’s getting kinda boring, I’ll end it all instead.

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